FluidTransitions-USB version

Use buttons/keys to trigger non-linear changes between CC values or BPM rates.
*This patch needs a ‘physical’ loopback. See below*
In this version, 16 designated keys/buttons divide up a range set by Min and Max controls.
When a key/ button is pressed a transition is triggered to the level indicated by the its position in range.
The transition uses choice of Equalizer pipes to give 3 different curves: “Ease-out”, “Ease-in” and “Ease-out, Ease-in”.
The transition time has its own control.
More details at https://community.blokas.io/t/fluidtransitions-smooth-slew-ish-bpm-cc-changes/3974

This full patch includes optional pipelines.
Component patches will be uploaded.

This patch needs a ‘physical’ loopback. In this USB version, this means the ability to take USB D-out and patch it to USB D-in. In the DIN version you will need to patch a cable D-out to D-in.
Changing any external mappings (port C) is standard. Changing *internal* mappings (port D) not so much. IF you need to & get stuck ask me how!

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