Handy soundfont selector and player, all wired to a 4track looper.

– Transpose, chorus and reberb effects before the looper. Also added a properly working damp pedal.
– Ships with instruments from Mother 3, Yoshi’s Island, a bunch of ‘world’ instruments and an Argentinian Bandoneon. If you want more soundfonts a good place to search is https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts?formats=sf2.
– Added a python script to ease create the txt files from where the player reads all available instruments and files. Just drop the sf2 files you want to the sf2/ folder and run the script.

AUX (hold/release) – change modes.
Keys – Play notes
K1 – Amplitude
K2 – Transpose
K3 – Chorus
K4 – Reberb
Encoder Left/Right – Change sf2 file
Encoder Btn (HOLD for 2 seconds) – Exit patch
Encoder Btn (quick press) – Change between scenes
Encoder Left/Right – Change Instrument
Upper row keys – Tens of instrument (ex: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, …)
Down row keys – Units of instrument (ex: x1, x2, x3, …)
F 2dn octave – Prev Instrument
G 2dn octave – Next Instrument
A 2dn octave – Prev Soundfont File
B 2dn octave – Next Soundfont File

Encoder Left/ Right – Select tracks or main bar.
>> Main bar
Knob 1 – Bpm
Knob 2 – FX1 amount
Knob 3 – FX2 amount
Knob 4 – Metronome amplitude
AUX (tap) – Tap tempo
AUX (hold) – clear all tracks
>> Tracks
Knobs – change amplitude
AUX (tap) – start/stop recording
AUX (hold) – clear track.

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4 comments on “fluidLoops
  • seensaman on said:

    I couldn’t get any sound from it – Would you be able to make a tutorial video for this patch?

  • varicela on said:

    @seensaman There was a problem with versions of Organelle 1 and M. Download again, now it works!

  • dikTok on said:

    I tried to parse the python script on my mac but got an error
    >ImportError: No module named sf2utils.sf2parse

    I put the python script in the same folder as sf2 folder on the organelle usb stick. Could you advice me how i can import the sf2utils?

  • LazyLion on said:

    I’m still not getting any sound from this patch. Using an Organelle M. Just fyi

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