Handy soundfont selector and player, all wired to a 4track looper.

– check also this: https://github.com/rupa/fluidloops-organellem

– Transpose, chorus and reberb effects before the looper. Also added a properly working damp pedal.
– Ships with instruments from Mother 3, Yoshi’s Island, a bunch of ‘world’ instruments and an Argentinian Bandoneon. If you want more soundfonts a good place to search is https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts?formats=sf2.
– Added a python script to ease create the txt files from where the player reads all available instruments and files. Just drop the sf2 files you want to the sf2/ folder and run the script.
new version is here: https://github.com/rupa/fluidloops-organellem

AUX (hold/release) – change modes.
Keys – Play notes
K1 – Amplitude
K2 – Transpose
K3 – Chorus
K4 – Reberb
Encoder Left/Right – Change sf2 file
Encoder Btn (HOLD for 2 seconds) – Exit patch
Encoder Btn (quick press) – Change between scenes
Encoder Left/Right – Change Instrument
Upper row keys – Tens of instrument (ex: 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, …)
Down row keys – Units of instrument (ex: x1, x2, x3, …)
F 2dn octave – Prev Instrument
G 2dn octave – Next Instrument
A 2dn octave – Prev Soundfont File
B 2dn octave – Next Soundfont File

Encoder Left/ Right – Select tracks or main bar.
>> Main bar
Knob 1 – Bpm
Knob 2 – FX1 amount
Knob 3 – FX2 amount
Knob 4 – Metronome amplitude
AUX (tap) – Tap tempo
AUX (hold) – clear all tracks
>> Tracks
Knobs – change amplitude
AUX (tap) – start/stop recording
AUX (hold) – clear track.

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  • Revision: 1.2
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8 comments on “fluidLoops
  • seensaman on said:

    I couldn’t get any sound from it – Would you be able to make a tutorial video for this patch?

  • varicela on said:

    @seensaman There was a problem with versions of Organelle 1 and M. Download again, now it works!

  • dikTok on said:

    I tried to parse the python script on my mac but got an error
    >ImportError: No module named sf2utils.sf2parse

    I put the python script in the same folder as sf2 folder on the organelle usb stick. Could you advice me how i can import the sf2utils?

  • LazyLion on said:

    I’m still not getting any sound from this patch. Using an Organelle M. Just fyi

  • rupa on said:

    to be clear, this is not a zip file that the organelle should handle installing:

    download it, unzip it, read the readme, replace libfluidsynth.so.1 as instructed if on organelle-m, upload the “inner” fluidloops folder to /sdcard/Patches or /usbcard/Patches.

  • danontheinternets on said:

    I’m having a lot of fun with this patch!
    I’m noticing some strangeness though with about 1 in 3 of the sound fonts I try to add.
    Some work fine, but for others, the parse script will produce an accurate instrument list .txt, but once inside the patch it shows the instrument list for the previous soundfont and produces no sound.
    Anyone else have this issue or a fix?

  • danontheinternets on said:

    Open palm. Insert face.
    It was failing to find the .txts because there were spaces in the .sf2 and .txt file names!
    Switched to underscores before running the parser and all is good.

  • d00g13h0ws3rmd on said:

    i’m having trouble with the python script in terminal on osx. i get the following error message:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/Users/user/Downloads/fluidLoops/parseSoundfonts.py”, line 2, in
    from sf2utils.sf2parse import Sf2File
    ImportError: No module named sf2utils.sf2parse

    appreciate the help!

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