FLOW 2.0 – 7-pattern, multi-channel, 16×8 step midi looper & sequencer for Mozaic by peblin.

– 16 steps with 8 subdivisions (parts) each
– 6 voice polyphony per part
– 7 patterns, with midi channel configurable per pattern
– From 1/32 to 2 bar step length giving 1/2 to 16 bar patterns
– Live & step recording
– CC recording & automation with interpolation of CC values between parts
– Ratcheting / note repetition
– Strumming mode for chords
– Transpose mode
– Live recording stores note duration and timing for (almost) exact playback
– Individual step / part editing, including voices, probability and duration
– Note probability & duration can be set per part
– Patterns play solo or multi – easily toggle patterns ON/OFF for live performance
– 3 quantization modes for live recording – None (as played), per part, per step

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  • Category: Sequencer
  • Revision: 2.0
  • License: MIT
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  • Modified: 3 years ago
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6 comments on “Flow
  • peblin on said:

    Uploaded small patch 1.0.1:
    – Suppresses midi thru when step editing
    – Prevents double notes triggering when recording and quantizing “to the future”.

  • Pejman on said:

    Hi peblin
    That’s very coool . This is real time live recording loop sequencer . I love it .
    But i have 2 problem.
    1. When i select 1/4 ,1/2 , bar , or 2 bar and record my live note with ( non quantize) mode and play 1/32 or smaller than 1/16 Notes , FILOW , play back my notes with 1/16 and play some of my notes at same time like chord. That is, it reduces the sensitivity of the duration of the note .and quantize them to 1/16 .Is this the behavioral nature of FLOW ?
    2. FLOW doesn’t record PitchBend or modulation .

    and one request. Could you add precount record for flow ? Because when i press playback button host , flow immediately starts recording and many of first beats will empty.

    Thanks pejman

  • Pejman on said:

    And i add to second problem: flow doesn’t record sustain pedal.

  • peblin on said:

    Hi Pejman, thanks for your comments. Feel free to participate in the conversation about Flow on the Audiobus forum – https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/34063/flow-multi-track-pattern-midi-sequencer-looper-for-mozaic.

    1) Flow currently only stores the exact timing of the first note in a part (each step has 8 parts), then the other voices of that part will play in sync with the first. So it shouldn’t quantize to 1/16, but there might be other timing issues that makes this happen anyway – I’ll investigate for later releases.

    2) Flow currently only records notes & velocity (in Mozaic terms, it only handles OnMidiNoteOn/Off events). I’m planning on adding support for PB, modulation and any CC (like 64/sustain) in the near future, because it would be SO COOL :)

  • peblin on said:

    New version of Flow out – 2.0!

    Now with CC automation, ratcheting and strumming.
    Hope you enjoy it!

    Demo video showing the updates:

  • Tones4Christ on said:

    Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks!!!

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