This script sets an exclusive mute state group in AUM for up to 16 CCs starting at offset CC note. Set global midi channel with the Channel Knob.

~ 1.2.1: Notes disabled again, instead TweenMachine listens to CCs. If you want notes out for any reason, change SEND_NOTES = FALSE to TRUE (line 26)
~ 1.2: sends both CC and Note (to combo with TweenMachine)
~ 1.1: Now supports MIDI IN trigger.
– Pad 0 = Midi Note 48 / C3

You can flip all values globally by using the ‘Flipped’ knob, which mutes your selection and unmutes all others.

Hit shift + a pad to see its min/max values (0/127 by default), and change their individual min/max for when using non-binary targets and want custom min/max values per pad.

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  • Revision: 1.2.1
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