Flexi Clips

Play Flexi loops clip style, trigger them with keys. The loops will switch immediately to the triggered loop, still playing in time.

Select 8 clips/loops that run in time with the sequencer with C2 through G2.

Use Loop length (an LFO running to sync) to adjust each clips length.

To extend with more Flexi clips, uncompact and add more layers (duplicate) and adjust the shapers and CV sequencers as needed.

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  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
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2 comments on “Flexi Clips
  • rs2000 on said:

    Hey Ben, that’s a very handy module for jamming with breaks live.
    Thanks for this one!

  • BoutiqueCase on said:

    Hey Ben, awesome module! I noticed something strange though: the loops are something like a percent slower, so after a few loops they are out of sync. I tested the same loops in a regular flexi with beat sync and those stayed in time perfectly. Any idea what causes this? Just to make sure I reloaded your rack and didn’t touch any of the controls.

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