A different flam setting can be set for every midi note.

Map a midi in through FlamBae to an out.

Hit an incoming note, set number of repeats with slider and delay/velocity multiply with XY.

Velocity > 1 makes subsequent hits raise velocity, < 1 drops velocity

Set hits slider to max to change to ROLL mode. Use XY to control roll interval and hit velocity. (Host must be running!)

To have rolls trigger fall on the next host beat, enable Roll Trigger Quantize.

Hold FREEZE to stop notes changing settings page.

Toggle BPM Sync to change ms delay to intervals of host tempo.

1.1 Mute First Trigger added to avoid first note double up if sound source is also destínate (koala > FlamBae > koala)

1.0.2 adds CC pass through (so can use with BaNKsi)

[ ] support more than one ROLL at once
[ ] Unique delay/interval for rolls
[ ] Support dragging between ROLL notes without rolls stopping
[ ] Trigger Quantise for Rolls
[ ] Trigger Quantise for Flams

Known issues:
~ dragging doesnt currently work between adjascent ROLL notes

2 comments on “FlamBae
  • Kasia_Bigoudi on said:

    Thks, will try this script.

  • GtrGeorge on said:

    This is very interesting… I didn’t realize at first that there are separate settings for every note…

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