A 16 bank filtersystem with one noisesource.
Very suitable for improvisations and ambient pads.

Listen to a sample here :

Knob1 Resonance:
Resonance of all the filters.

Knob2 Slidetime:
The time it takes to make a glissando from one frequency to the next for each filter.

Knob3 Spectrum:
Distribution-window of random frequencies for when the aux button is pressed. High percentage means lower frequencies and visa versa.

Knob4 No. of voices:
Number of voices going from none to sixteen.

For each pressed key the respective note is applied randomly to one of the filters.

Dependent on the chosen spectrum, random frequencies are distributed to each of every filter at once.

Had to revise and add some functions.

-Now when you hold the aux button pressed you can change to quartertone mode which changes the variety of random notes from 12 to 24 notes per octave.

-The Slide from note to note is smoother now.

– The slide time has been increased to 10k ms.

– Changed that when you turn the knob 1 that the sound disappeared so you had to push a button again to hear a sound.

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  • Felix Petrescu on said:

    eerie & superbe patch!:) thnx Basil.

  • Lord Basil on said:

    Thanks a lot!

  • papes on said:

    This is really cool! having a lot of fun with it :)

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