Fast Sensel Morph Drum Remapper

This Mozaic preset will quickly remap the notes on a Sensel Morph Music Production overlay using the default MIDI template to various iOS drum apps. Simply select the pad for the drum app you are using and the notes will remap to useful notes for that drum app. Apps with MIDI pattern triggers like Drum Computer and AR-909 will have the first 13 pattern triggers mapped to the small keyboard pads. Some apps with more than 16 drums like certain Cubasis Classic Machines and EGLM1 will have some drums on the small keyboard pads only. Other apps with fewer drums will have multiple triggers for the same drum. BeatHawk and Ting bypass remapping, so consider those 2 remap button to be bypassing the whole process. This will also work with other 16-pad controllers using notes C1 through D#2, though not having mini keyboard pads like the Morph.

This is my first go at a Mozaic script. I think I have it most of the way there, but I am looking for some help to polish it up. I think there are probably more efficient ways of doing some of the things I’m doing in here. The selected pad light only works some of the time, but the array map seems to always change as desired. Some of the plugins don’t play nice because they output MIDI back into the Mozaic instance and things go haywire. This seems to be most troublesome with Axon 2 and VAdrumSM, although it can be an issue with Drum Computer if MIDI output is not disabled.

The second tab of this Google Sheet lays out the note remappings…

Version 0.9.1
– Added dampening with variable time control to prevent MIDI feedback from drum plugins that send MIDI back through their channel.

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  • omniphonix on said:

    The dampening is still not quite working as I would like. It seems to fix VADrumSM. It sorta fixes Drum Computer when MIDI output is still enabled (default on every preset). It completely breaks Axon 2 though. Open to suggestions if anyone has them.

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