Fake MPE for GeoSWAM

This rack allows the GeoShred to be played by Drambo’s built-in keyboard and sequencer, and allows control of common expressions.

The GeoSWAM instruments have to be played on MPE keyboards, which makes it difficult to sequence with piano rolls. But they are basically mono instruments, which makes note sequencing with some expression automation almost possible to get the results with an MPE keyboard. So use this rack to do it.


GeoShred and GeoSWAM instruments are required.

GeoTrumpets and GeoBassTbones don’t work with it, the MPE rules for these two instruments are special and even using another GeoShred as a MPE keyboard won’t play correctly.

FingerExpr needs to be turned off, otherwise the GeoShred will not respond to XY

3 comments on “Fake MPE for GeoSWAM
  • intrepolicious on said:

    Cool idea! I’ll try it.

    I was just using an instance of Loopy Pro AU in a rack to record GeoSWAM audio as a solution, but this looks interesting. There’s also a way to use Atom 2 by “funneling” all of the MPE MIDI into a single channel other than channel 1.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • zhou-jing on said:

    It is actually very easy to cheat Geoshred. generate CC74 with velocity values and set the note and CC74 in the same channel except for channel 1.

  • chrisb78 on said:

    I wanted to thank you for this amazing plugin!

    My situation was that I couldn’t get GeoShred to work within Drambo: GS worked nicely when played live with my Arturia Keystep (even when hosted within Drambo), yet didn’t play back those MIDI events I recorded into Drambo.
    This solved it. Thank you!

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