Based on a request in the Poly Beebo Facebook group, I quickly put together five patches inspired by the five modes/programs in Walrus Audio’s Fable. Note, I don’t own the original unit, I’ve just read the manual and listened to YouTube demos.

1: Reverse Delay into Reverse Granular
2: Delay into Octave Up Granular
3: Delay into Octave Down Granular
4: Multi Granular
5: Delay into Random Octave Granular

All patches have Footswitch A which turns on modulation of the Granular parameters to spice things up, and Footswitch B to add modulation to the delayed audio. Feel free to play around and improve!

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  • vanzea on said:

    Wow man, you make my year with these presets. I have the Fable, which is nice in itself, but not stereo. These presets correct that problem, and make the Beebo infinite more useful for me. Thanks!

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