External MIDI PC & Bank Recall

This rack allows a Bank Select Message to be sent along with a Program Change. The values set on the rack when the Drambo project is saved will be recalled and sent to hardware when the project is opened.

It features a slider to select the first 16 bank numbers, a program change generator and Midi output module. Values set for the Bank and Program Change are sent to the output and channel selected by the Midi Output at the end of the rack (the channels on the modules before the out put don’t need to change).
It contains two MIDI CC generators to send the LSB and MSB of a bank select message.

The LSB and MSB values are set by two knobs which are visible when the Rack is expanded. The Bank slider its connected to the LSB knob and limited to the first 16 values to make selecting them easier however the full range of values can be set using the knobs.

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