This Mozaic patch is designed to augment Koala Sampler by adding some features through the utilisation of specific bank layouts and your own MIDI controller (or the built-in pads in Mozaic)

– Round Robin (Forward, Reverse, Random and Weighted Random)
– Velocity Sensitive Multi-Sample

Watch the video for a walkthrough of how to set it up, and how it works

Due to adding the functionality where you can use the Mozaic pads in addition to an external controller, I’ve had to fix the output MIDI channel to 0.

This can be changed at the very top of the script if needed, and only notes from noteOffset + 15 are forced to be on the MIDI output channel of 0.

Sorry for any issues this causes, it’s the only way I’ve found to get this working without duplicating code all over the place (which makes it harder to update this script in the future and more prone to bugs, something I think is more of an issue than fixing the output channel)

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