Version 4: Whole lotta quality of life changes, described in depth in new demo video

Version 3!!!
Added a page called morph. From there you can choose a waveform to morph with, the speed of the waveform changing, turn the morphing on/off and the last parameter adjust how many cycles between when the waves morph (this will hopefully be updated to a steps value to choose how many times the waveform will update until it reaches the morph waveform)

Version 2.1!
Fixed presets and added static wave presets

In the aux menu, the first option on the right toggles through the 4 menu screens, then going down, toggle through 10 instrument wave presets, toggle through 10 wavetable presets, then save current wavetable to current preset, then load wavetable from current preset.

The 4 menu screens are synth (voice options), etch (etch a sketch wave-shaper), delay1 + delay2 (delay options)

Let me know if you have any issue or if you don’t and just enjoy the patch!

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3 comments on “Etch-a-Synth
  • Jorn on said:


    Just installed this and am having trouble getting anything to pop up or any sound.

    Is it specific to Organelle M or is there so pd language that I need for this?

  • wet noodle on said:

    @Jorn I haven’t tested it on the original organelle so I don’t know if there’s an issue with that. I’ll see if I can figure that out

  • Okayokay on said:

    Ha! This is such a fun concept. Definitely gonna try it out.

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