8 pages instead of 4

AUX 6,7, 8 enable voice record

AUX 1 turns on record

much better response

just delete the first version this is better!!!

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  • Category: Composition Effect Other Sampler Sequencer Sound Synthesizer Utility
  • Revision: 1
  • License: GPL
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  • Modified: 5 years ago
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3 comments on “Equinox
  • Truchaska on said:

    Thank you! Is possible tell me more information about funtions? I want to undertand more. Please.

  • caelia on said:

    Hi, and thanks for all your contributions!

    I have just one bit of feedback right now … I tried Equinox for the first time last night, and found that the volume on startup was *extremely* loud. My volume knob was probably at about 25% – definitely below half – but the sound was so loud I thought I had teleported into a rock concert. Had to snatch my headphones off in a panic. You might want to adjust that a bit.

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