Entropy – random looper

Based on my previous patch, Muesli, but here things get a lot more random and crazy. Loopler tracks had to be cut down to 2, as otherwise I was getting CPU overload artifacts in the audio. Recording is randomly trigged on these two tracks with the Chaos Controller. Footswitch A again freezes the current loops. Footswitch B changes the jitter of the Chaos Controller to make things ‘less random’. Footswitch D toggles on and off random switching of Loopler rate (between 1 and 2), which results in octaving (both up and down) of the looped audio. Since making the video and taking the photo used here, I’ve removed the Midi Clock In to save CPU, as it doesn’t really serve any purpose. Things get a little crazy, but maybe someone will find use for it :)

In addition to video below, the patch is used here: https://youtu.be/RUm14Zw-rF4

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