Entropic Oscillations

This is my contribution to the Geodesics Gold Edition Challenge. Task was a given patch to edit, it was allowed to change everything except one module (Forbidden Module).

My preliminary consideration:

Wherever possible, the third-party modules in the original patch should be replaced by Geodesics modules. The wiring should be kept as possible.
Each Geodesics module should be at least 2x and at least 3 Entropia modules are used as VCO to generate the two cheats.

Because the patch was again too much for my computer, I recorded the music separately. In this patch, there is no dedicated oscillator, Mr. Q generates from the input signal of the two Geodesics Blank Panel Logo modules only the high frequency signal to operate Entropia and Ions in audio mode. The sound shaping then takes place in these modules. The Entropia modules are responsible for the melody, Ions for the drums. The functions of an LFO take over the Pulsars, Blackholes and Branes modules in the middle below. The three blackholes to the right of the forbidden module are responsible for the variation of the melody. To preserve the character of the original melody, I have taken Resonator unchanged. The two Clocked modules and Foundry were only slightly modified. The sound of the melody line is generated by XFX F35 in Sallen-Key LP 12 mode and Freak in Unstabile HP mode. The bass of 2 Freak modules, once in Ferox LP mode and once in Vorg LP mode. The filigree fill ins come from Vampyr in LP-HP mode. For the drums I use both filter types from Vortex. I’ve tried to bring a logic into the signal flow and use in the Wire Manager all HTML colors for the wiring. I have always started with the darkest color and every generation has become brighter by one. For example, from the Forbidden Module, a dark green cable goes to Octave from Fundamental, the cable from Octave to 4-View is a bit brighter, from V-View a cable goes to Mr. Q and one to the resonator, both have the same color and these is two steps brighter than the original cable, etc. This system does not always work, but it helped a lot to keep track.

Used Modules:

Big Mute Button Allikins 1
DelayPlus Stereo FX AS Modules 1
Bernoulli Gate Audible Instruments 1
Resonator Audible Instruments 1
XFX F-35 Blamsoft 1
XFX Tube Blamsoft 1
Peak cf Modules 1
Audio Fundamental 1
Notes Fundamental 2
Octave Fundamental 2
Entropia Geodesics 7 (4 as VCO)
Blackholes Geodesics 10
Branes Geodesics 4
Blank Panel Logo Geodesics 2
Ions Geodesics 2
Pulsars Geodesics 2
Blank Panel Info Geodesics 2
Clocked Impromptu Modular 2
Foundry Impromptu Modular 1
4-View Impromptu Modular 1
Tact-1 Impromptu Modular 4
Mr. Q Klirrfactory 1
Vampyr Lindenberg Research 1
Quantum ML Modules 2
Mixer 9Ch mscHack 1
Master Recorder2Nysthi 1
Annuli Southpole 1
Thread Booster Squinky Labs 1
Wire Manager Submarine Utilities 1
Plateau Valley Audio 1
Freak Vult 3
Vortex Vult 1

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