Entropic Organ Bubbles [VCP-32]

My entry to the Very Cool Patch Challenge 32 (VCP-32) which you’ll find here: https://community.vcvrack.com/t/very-cool-patch-challenge-very-special-edition-32/3481

It’s a sort of organ cantata’ish piece (?), that turns somewhat bubbly midway.
I’ve used Ben’s patch unaltered, except for the addition of the master recorder.

There’s three voices:
– The bass is played by Cosmic and pitched by the Volts expander.
– The mid-voice is played by Macro Oscillator 2, pitched by Alan.
– The bubbly sequence on top is played by Basal and is sequenced by Entropia, running a mixed blue and yellow sequence. At various time in the piece it’s clocked by 1x, 2x or 4x.

Lazy Susan is quantizing all three voices, and the Dual Dual LPG provides an envelope for all of them. Caudal provides modulation for Basal and Macro Oscillator 2. One of the Walk modules modulates the harmonics of Macro Oscillator 2 and the other provides some gentle transposition for the sequence of Basal, via the Falls attenuator. The Segment Generator provides an LFO for gentle amplitude modulation of the foreground sequence.

Created entirely with VCV Rack.

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