EnSamb- Markovian Music Maker

This is a patch that lets the user set up a small 3 piece kit for a beat [Snare/HiHat & Kick] and they are controlled by three individual Markov strains [one for each]. So you get a cool funky algorithmic beat. The patch has aux effects of Pin-Pong Delay and Reverb built in to it on Page 1

Pages 2, 3, 4 are settings for the individual Drums [with Distortion for the kick carrying over into Page 4

Aux one Turns on the Metronome [Tempo is on Page 8 ] it’s not midified yet
to Hear the drums you must increase volumes using playing keys with 60/61 up&down for snare, 62/63 up/down for Hihat & after skipping 64, 65/66 up/down volume for Kick.

I think the parameters for sculpting a drum sounds is pretty nice [sounds better if you start off without reverb/delay]
Page 5 lets you select a sound that will Accompany the drums [there are like 30 presets to play with]
Page 6, 7, 8 Aux buttons assign each individual Markov to the Instrument for example: if you set all three to the Instrument 6,7,8 Aux buttons you will get a complex melody with the drums if you just set the Kick Markov strain the Instrument will “follow” the Kick. There are several pages of Parameters for the Instrument and a new feature after you have tweaked and before choosing a new page Press 83 [last playing key and the Instrument state will be saved for the most part you have to adjust FM mix a little if it’s drastically different but it works pretty well.

Tempo is in MS still and ranges from fast 180 to SLOW droney experimental @ around 1000+
Instrument Presets are saved eternally So you can develop nice sounds and return to them

This Instrument uses functions and abstractions from RjDj — Enjoy

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    Thank you very very much, and by the way…Happy new year!

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