Update: Naturally as soon as I uploaded the first version, I thought of a bunch of stuff that needed to be fixed. Here is an improved version of the patch.

“enrichment” patch

This is a messy low-fi, low-pass distorted filter effect. It likes to receive a good loud input signal.

The four knob parameters are:

1. Input Gain
2. Filter Cutoff
3. Filter Tone (i.e. resonance)
4. Output Dry/Wet Mix

For me, this patch is a sandbox for my experiments in filter DSP programming and design. I may update it from time-to-time with new ideas.

This is the first version.

Let me know if you enjoy it.

– @samesimilar February 2023, Toronto Canada.

2 comments on “enrichment
  • nerk on said:

    This is absolutely one of my favorite patches for the Organelle. Thanks so much for making it. I would love to see more Effects like this on patchstorage.

  • samesimilar on said:

    @nerk Thank you so much ! Your comment is very encouraging. I’m curious – are you interested in more Effects, like, in general? Or specifically low-fi/filter/distortiony effects?

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