Endless Sequencer

I have been trying to recreate the functionality of the OP-1 Endless Sequencer in VCV Rack. This is a simplified version using as many fundamental modules as possible.

Also needed are:
Bog Audio: Stack, Switch, Sums
ML Modules: OctoFlop, Sum
Impromptu: Big Button Seq2

Here’s a clip of the feature I am trying to recreate.

My two remaining issues (that I would love some help with) both have to do with the MIDI>CV sending the last pressed key as V/OCT.
1. When routing to transposing, I would like to automatically reset the V/OCT to zero so that the pattern doesn’t transpose immediately no matter when the last key pressed was. I just can’t figure out how to override the V/OCT coming out of MIDI>CV without actually pressing a key on the keyboard.

2. The first note of the pattern I want to record is not always registered. It seems to work fine if I play the first note, press the reset button, then play the patch, so I think this is also being caused by getting a V/OCT from MIDI>CV too early, but I am not sure.

If you are interested, I’d really appreciate any advice or help you could give. Thanks!

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