Endless Sequencer 2.0

I have been trying to recreate the functionality of the OP-1 Endless Sequencer in VCV Rack. Here’s a video demonstrating what I wanted to recreate.

This second version owes a lot to Dave Benham who helped optimize and streamline nearly every part of my original patch. This version requires more modules, but they are all free other than the Host module which is the best purchase I have ever made. I highly recommend buying to be able to play VSTs through VCV Rack. Here I am using a voice from Spitfire LABS, but you can connect any voice you’d like up to the gate and cv coming out of the BigButtonSeq2 and quantizer respectively.

The biggest improvement here is the use of the Accumulator by docB to replace all of the binary flop counting I was doing in the original patch. Enjoy playing with this much improved version.

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  • vcvnovice on said:

    hello, it’s quite fun to use your patch. Very good usability and fun! What i miss, is to play some new notes during the running sequence. Especally to finetune the different notes in the sequence. Is it possible?

    Regards Karl

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