Endless Melodies with Hallucigenia

8 Hallucigenia modules are generating random sequences which are merged into 8 note polyphony and played by the FM-OP module. The higher frequencies are being sent through the delay module via the PEQ-6 module. A further Hallucigenia module is coming up with the bass line. The Bernoulli Gate modules are deciding whether each Hallucigenia empties its sequence or randomizes it and the end of cycle outputs further modulate the sequence by mutating them each cycle. If you hear a sequence you like, click save, you can then recall the sequence at any time with the load button, enjoy.

2 comments on “Endless Melodies with Hallucigenia
  • vcvnovice on said:

    Fantastic patch!
    can hear it a long time and it will be relaxed and varied.

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