EMS Polysynthi

A sudden rush of blood to the brain, made me attempt another Synth emulation, this time a EMS Polysynthi, a rather odd variation in the race for polyphony, See the article on the link below:

Any improvements ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated, my version is aimed at the Sfx sound creators out there, as I believe the original one was. I could not get the colour scheme right on the modules I used. Only 30 synths were built before EMS went bust in 1979.
The sounds on Soundcloud are mp3s due to the long download time onto there.

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  • deep-drone on said:

    With the first, the high frequencies seem a bit loud through my headphones at the beginning. The noises from 1:25 are really great. It’s like brain massage. Very pleasant. I also like the second one. from 1:25 you have the feeling of sitting in a propeller plane above the clouds.

  • Kleinemaschinen on said:

    Thanks, I have changed the filter on the mkii version to Vult Lateralus. Got some more pleasant tones out of it since.
    The ‘Horsehair VCO’ does take a bit of getting used but it can be pleasant at times.
    Glad you like the sample tunes/tones. Is there anything you would change to make it more usable?

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