Elektron Pattern Changer

This script lets you send PC messages 0-127 on any MIDI channel of your choice.

Use the BANK knob to choose the bank, and the PATTERN pads to choose your pattern. Change the MIDI channel using the CHANNEL knob.

Big ups to @wim and @_ki from the Audiobus forums for helping me make this work!

Made specifically with the Elektron boxes in mind, but it could probably work for other gear.

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One comments on “Elektron Pattern Changer
  • Kasia_Bigoudi on said:

    Very good prog that I want to use with my FC-300 Roland and STepPolyArp U.
    Now , I would like to get the functions ‘Foward’ on step 3 and ‘Bacward’ on step 2.
    I m no longer skill full with MIDI prog language!

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