eDrum Monitor

Script to help setting up eDrum triggers by animating velocities using the sliders as bar graph meters so that sensitivity and cross-triggering can be optimised.

There are nine sliders dedicated to individual note numbers and one slider that displays the last unassigned note. The SHIFT button toggles between normal and PEAK HOLD modes – the latter useful when multiple ghost notes follow the main hit. The XY controller can be used to adjust the animated speed of the slider return to zero and also to provide a gain on the velocity values to help better see ghost notes. The User LED flashes when a velocity of 127 (max) is reached.

See link to demo video.

Input: MIDI (Omni – no filtering within script)
Output: visual only
Adaptation: assign 9 note numbers to sliders by editing notenum array.

Preview URL updated Jan 2020

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  • Revision: 1.0
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