My first attempt…
Noisy sine wave synth with fluctuating harmonics. Monophonic.
Feel free to improve!

v0.3 – original upload
v0.4 – improved the adsr (but not the controllability – not ready for multi page configurations yet)

34 PM
  • State: Work In Progress
  • Platform:
  • Category: Synthesizer
  • Revision: 0.4
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
  • Views: 76
  • Modified: 2 days ago
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3 comments on “Dweam
  • metakephoto on said:

    Thanks for posting, I’m really enjoying this one.
    Hopefully someone can add a sequencer to the Aux button.

    Knob 1 = bpm
    Knob 2 = noise
    Knob 3 = spread
    Knob 4 = env presets (4 different)

  • slippery-slope on said:

    Thanks. Glad you like it. I have just uploaded a new version (0.4) with a slightly improved adsr. The release fade was a bit harsh earlier.

  • Peter_Marsh on said:

    Yeah, I like this. Thanks!

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