d(u)o the right thing

Positive 5V greetings to everyone.
This patch was born on the quest to better understand how modules work, how can they interact with each other, exploring logic connections but also having in mind the liberty not to do so. VCV is the perfect tool to transform zeros and ones into sound; harmonic, logical, chaotic, unexpected. It’s all that and much more.
On the other hand, the VCV Community is a huge source of motivation, knowledge and inspiration, to do the same but differently, to explore the same platform that you know it has multiple configurations and infinite outcomes. After testing and experimenting with some fantastic patches that this community shares, I was curious to experiment some of the suggestions on the topic “classic module pairings” in the Plugins & Modules category.
It was a great challenge to start with a pair of modules and then work the patch up from that combination and adding some more classic “duets” along the way.
Feel free to explore, to change anything you want or to drop a comment/suggestion.
Thank you.

Modules(brands) used:
#audibleinstruments #impromptu #submarine #skrylar #geodesics #koralfxmodules #bogaudio #hora #svmodular #vcv #jwmodules #hamptonharmonics #mindmeld #valley #as #blamsoft #nysthi #gluethegiant

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  • o_iElectricista on said:

    Did some modifications on the patch. Voice 2 is now Poly and the Bass has now re-burst.
    The file to download however it’s still like in the video. Thanks.

    Attachment  duo-1.jpg

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