Dual shift

This is dual/dueling pitch shifters!
When one rises, the other falls.
On the left, they go (-pitch) > (+pitch)
And on the right, it’s (+pitch) > (-pitch)

There’s plenty of squeals and weird feedback sounds in there, espectially when the pitches get bigger.

The left footswitch cycles through some fixed pitch values, from 0 to 35 semitones.

The middle footswitch switches every pitch shifter to 60 semitones and resets the sequencer. With a slew limiter to tame it a bit. Letting go of the switch makes for some insane reverse delay blips.

The right footswitch toggles an envelope follower that controls the pitches.

That is pretty much it. This is a very fun glitchy noisy patch and I’ll post a demo of it later today!

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