The DrunkkMachine is an AUTOMATONISM-based patch. It produces an ever-changing stereo sound texture, sometimes FM-y, sometimes noisy, with maybe some kick.

I put as much objects as i could and stopped when it got hard to patch without doing a DSP loop and hard to move the mouse because the Organelle was on its knees.

The patch nudges its own parameters from time to time. Nudging is on when the led is green. Press Aux button to stop it (red led) and enjoy a sound you’ll never hear again. The led turns blue when a nudge happens.

As Pd is a deterministic program, i had to patch the audio input for true randomness. Pots 1 and 2 add randomness and change the sound. Pots 3 & 4 may affect the sound. Play the keyboard, you might hear it. You might also hear what you get into the audio inputs.

The screen is intentionally left blank.


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  • Bonsai on said:

    this is really fucking cool :)

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