DrumBank-240 is a drum sequencer/sampler with a total of 240 one-shot samples to play with. Includes a sample playback controls and a mean bitcrush distortion.

Use the encoder to load one of ten different banks of 24 samples.

Use the aux button to record and playback a loop sequence.

Knob1: Sample Playback Speed
Knob2: Sample Decay Time
Knob3: Bitcrush
Knob4: Lo-Pass Filter

Due to file size limits on patchstorage all the Bank folders are empty, you will have to add your own before you can play. I just copy and pasted a bunch of samples from other patches.

If you want a version with samples already loaded you can grab one here: https://ufile.io/oq4i5rg1 If either of these links are expired please comment to let me know and I will re-upload them.

Adding your own samples should be easy. Name your set of 24 wav files 1.wav, 2.wav, 3.wav etc. and drop them into one of the Bank folders. I would love if people would share some sample packs for the community!

Shoutout to user skywalk who gave me the idea. I heavily relied on JDillicious and Mellowtron while developing this patch so a big thanks to chkbeto and callmesam for their work.

Let me know if you find any issues and have fun!

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  • Category: Sampler Sequencer
  • Revision: 2.0
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
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16 comments on “DrumBank-240
  • chkbeto on said:

    So cool! Thanks, I’ll check this up! :)

  • Grooveboxer on said:

    thanks a lot for “Drum Bank-240”
    Great work. I enjoy it very much.
    Stay healthy
    best Regards:
    Karl von Hörsten

  • skywalk on said:

    Wow!! So sick man! Love it. Exactly what I was looking for.. can’t wait to use this patch to design some drums to my productions.

  • Dillon Hodges on said:

    I absolutely *love* this patch!! Nice work. When the patch loads the sample speed is set to 125%. How could I change the preset to 100% in the code?

  • Dillon Hodges on said:

    Also, I’m going to have to learn pd just so I can figure out how to port this to orac :) !!

  • globug on said:

    I’m working on some revisions to improve this patch a bit. I changed it so there is only one knob that controls bitcrush tone/mix and added a lo pass filter. It really adds to the performance possibilities! Now I’m just trying to figure out how to initialize better default parameters once you first load the patch. I’m playing around with the loadbang object and some messages but haven’t figured it out yet. I will post the updated version once I get that worked out :)

  • Bly Wallentine on said:

    The download with the samples appears to have expired! :D

  • Amon Barth on said:

    Hi, i`m quite new to the Organelle and a lot of patches have these super easy to use sequencers in them, where you can just hit “record” and play something in…

    I wonder if it is possible, or how hard it is, to modify these patches to have a sequencer / recorder wich records bars with a fixed bpm.

    I started to learn PD, but i guess it will take some time until i could do that.

    Thank you for this awesome patch!

  • SamPaul on said:

    Hi! The link for version with samples is expired!
    Please reupload🙏
    Thank you!

  • globug on said:

    Okay! finally re-uploaded version with samples preloaded!

  • MZen on said:

    Thanks so much! This is awesome!

  • Drew Dickey on said:

    Great work here, any chance you could add some overdub feature in the future (I saw it requested on JDillicious)? For example you record a drum loop (a). While drum loop (a) is playing you record other sounds on top, to create a new loop (b). Maybe with an undo button or some way to delete if you mess up. THX!

  • globug on said:

    @Drew Dickey yeah I would love to get around to that at some point! I think it would mean totally reworking the sequencer. I’ve also been toying with the idea of trying to figure a way to make it tempo synced where you’re given 4 or 8 bars for whatever bpm and then can overdub as much as you want on that loop. I haven’t gotten to start working on any of things but recently have been doing stuff with pure data again so may make an attempt at some point

  • Drew Dickey on said:

    @globug It could even be cool to just have the aux button work independently with each bank of sounds. Record stuff to bank 1 (drums), then move to bank 2 to record melody (while bank 1 still playing). Again super cool patch. cheers

  • mikeys147 on said:

    hey globug! Could you refresh that link for your presets! Thanks! Looks likes its expired again…

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