Drum Selector

[v. 0.2] Drum machine with preset rhythms for each drum to mix and match. Press aux button to start. For funsies you can experiment by twisting knobs and hitting keys at random.

To get deeper into it: Knob 1 sets tempo, knobs 2, 3 and 4 select independent rhythms for kick, snare and percussion. Rhythms get more complex as you turn the knobs to the right. Turn a knob all the way left to mute any drum. Lower seven “white” notes select kicks, upper seven pick snares. First seven “black” keys select percussion (hi hats and stuff).

The rightmost “black” key plays a snare fill when you hold it down. The two “black” keys to the left of it toggle to add a dotted quarter note delay to the kick and snare drums, respectively.

The drums are also output as MIDI notes 36, 38 and 42 on MIDI channel 10.

V. 0.2 will send MIDI beat clocks to another device.

2 comments on “Drum Selector
  • twang69 on said:

    I have played around with this last night and had some serious fun! This is a well-built patch and gave me a good hint for another idea I had. Thought of building some kind of practice companion/rhythm trainer for bass guitarists, where you’re able to select some preset rhythms, leaving out a selected number of bars for rhythm keeping etc. Still struggling a bit with shuffle rhythms though. Anyway fun patch – well done!

  • geis on said:

    Great patch! Simple but deep & great to experiment with!

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