Droid Friends

Droid friends is a 3 voices granular pitshifter, aliaser and reverb. It can do many thing, like droids do. It can be nice or mean, like friends do.

There’s a clean voice, a ”low” granular voice (that can be pitshifted, so it may not be the lowest one) and a high granular voice. The high voice has an alias frequency control and an SV filter control. That voice also have a freeze probability control.

Each voice has a volume control and can be turned on or off with the stompsitches.

Left side
Top left: reverb duration
2nd row : reverb mix
4th row : clean voice volume
5th row: on/off stompswith indicator

3rd row: granular low voice pitch
4th row : granular low voice volume
5th row: on/off stompswith indicator

1st row: Alias freq (it can get down to noisy. glitches)
2nd row: SV filter freq (you want to control the aliased artifacts and the texture of the high pitched grains)
3rd row: Freeze probability control. Low value will almost certainly freeze the granular module while higher will not. Surprises here!
4th row : granular high voice volume
5th row: on/off stompswith indicator

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  • Revision: 1.1
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