Drambotonic Multi

This is an 8-channel version of Drambotonic.
It includes basic sounds as starting points for your own sound design.

Sounds are already mapped so you can starting making beats as soon as you load the modules:
Kick – C1
Snare – D1
Clap – D#1
Zap – E1
Closed Hat – F#1
Open Hat – A#2
Fx – C2
Cymbal – C#2
Percussion – E2-D2

1.5.1 minor update – set an amp module as “hidden in compact view” in hihats channels
1.5 added a choke group for hihats. New instrument mapped to C2 – FX
1.4 updated the filter module and added a filter for the oscillator. Replaced the oscillator envelope with a graphic envelope for more flexibility. Added velocity responsiveness
1.3 added an extra zero point near the end of the noise graphic envelope to remove residual noise (thanks to @rs2000 for the tip)
1.2 added section labels and removed an unnecessary module
1.1 updated some of the default sounds
1.0 initial release

8 comments on “Drambotonic Multi
  • YannisX on said:

    Great path Brains! Thank you! 🙇🏻‍♂️

  • 3sleeves on said:

    Dig this a lot, inspired me to start using Layers Mixer in my Instrument Racks!

  • Xyl_Run on said:

    Excellent 👍🏼Thanks a lot!

  • Soundtemple on said:

    Huge fan of Microtonic over the years. Amazing to see that now it can be re-created inside an iOS app. What times we live in! Great job.

  • johnisfaster on said:

    I can’t get this to open it just says “import clave preset”

  • branis on said:

    @vasily_milovidov please feel free to upload it as a new patch to patch storage, I guess it will be more visible than in this thread

  • branis on said:

    @ johnisfaster I just tried to download the patch and open it in Drambo and it worked correctly.
    Here are the steps I used:
    1. Download patch from patch storage
    2. open Drambo
    3. add a new instrument rack to a track by pressing the menu button next to the instrument rack
    4. press the import button
    5. browse to the folder where Drambotonic Multi is downloaded and import Drambotonic Multi
    6. select Drambotonic Multi from the list to load it to Drambo

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