Dragonfly Hall Reverb

Dragonfly Hall Reverb is a high fidelity reverb effect.
It is primarily intended for use as a concert hall reverb.
It also has numerous smaller presets representing rooms, studios, and chambers.

Please note that the Dry Level, Early Level, Early Send and Late Level controls are decoupled from the preset.
This allows you to set the levels and explore the different presets without the levels changing.

The plugin has basic controls to set the Size, Width, Predelay and Decay.
There are also more advanced controls to further tweak the reverb: Diffuse, Modulation, Spin and Wander.
Finally, there are two filter sections (High and Low) with Cut, Cross and Mult controls.

Plugin by Michael Willis
Based on Hibiki Reverb from Freeverb3 VST
GUI by FistfulOfStars

Credit: Michael Willis and Rob vd Berg

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