Double Grain

This patch is made after some ideas about granular synthesis, that Christopher H. M. Jacques kindly offered.

This is 2 granular modules, one going into another.
Second granular has a feedback.

Sound ends up in Ghostreverb.

Please feel free to play with it and change it as you would like.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome!


UPD 1.0 || I kinda came up with what this patch should sound like.
I changed granular modules’ size and position controls to be controlled by Clock Dividers that are controlled (the amount of the division) with Sequencers. This is done intuitively and cross-assigned. You can check in the patch.

If not use “as is”, may become an idea of controlling something. In the “ZOIA” style.

UPD1.1 || Christopher advised instead of controlling sizes and positions with tap tempo (what was causing incorrect tempo to display, because of the small granular module’s buffer) to use clock dividers on sequencer that will send values. That is done through a slew limiter.

Sound at the moment is pretty experimental.

Settings of the granular modules need to be adjusted to taste.

Everything else is playable.

P.S. New demo features a loop of a calimba recorded on an old schwifty digital voice recorder, this is not an effect of the patch :)

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