Double Blooms

Insert mode, Stereo.

What’s possibly better than a Tri-Chorus effect? Well using two at the same time of course!

This PROGRAM includes two TricheraChorus PRESET’s both utilizing the Envelope mode for the base PROGRAM. The softer your signal/touch is the more the Chorus effect is heard from the onset of your playing. The more you dig in, the Chorus effect will not be heard as much initially and will wait a short time to come in stronger or “bloom”.

The Swirl feature is programmed for both PRESETS and is a powerful option. Try the base PROGRAM and all HotSwitch settings with either or both Swirl’s engaged.

Hotswitch 1 settings turn PRESET A to a Flanger effect, dropping the Envelope mode, and the Swirl feature combined with this is pretty pronounced TricheraChorus Flanger sound. The rest of the HS settings are described below.

Programming notes:

Two similar TriceraChorus PRESETS in Series w/ Envelope control for both w/ PRESET A waiting to “bloom” longer than PRESET B.

Exp. control for PRESET B Mix 0-100.

(L) control for Swirl for both PRESETS. (L) Act/Byp for PROGRAM.

HS1: Multiple parameters changed for Flanger-y effect *use Swirl for even more*; HS2 eliminates Mix for PRESET A & Envelope mode for PRESET B for standard Chorus; HS3 turns Mix back on for PRESET A and PRESET B is the same as HS2 settings/Non-Envelope mode.

2 comments on “Double Blooms
  • brent_baccetti on said:

    Nice program! I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with this one. Thank you rck!

  • rck on said:

    Most welcome! Glad you enjoy and thanks for the feedback! I have one more Program with a TriceraChorus Preset to share and I will do that soon.

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