Dixtructa Dixie / DX7 patch destroyer

Very experimental, using knobs to send sysex to several of various parameters at once, this is a third iteration.

Map from mozaic into KQ Dixie – might work in a real DX but I no got one so I no know :)

The first knob changes the algorithm.

The second changes all of the levels for each op.

The third controls fine tuning for each op, some up, some down.

The fourth controls the coarse tuning for each op, again, some up some down.

The fifth controls the define parameter.

The bottom row controls envelope parameters as labelled – these are reversed from the normal way we understand them as these synths seem to use the term ‘rate’ rather than ‘time’.

I’ve updated this 1.03 version to cumulatively use the bias control to affect each op differently on each of the controls, while the rand setting adds randomness to each change made.

The xy pad controls the degree to which the knobs affect the different ops (x is bias and y randomness).

It definitely widens the possibilities and feeling pretty pleased with it (and myself) right now 😁

A next step might be to function the whole thing but I’m not sure whether it’ll help or not.

Also I’m interested in seeing if altering the order or amounts of change that each op gets is a further way to explore deeper… This is maybe affected by the algorithm that is being used and some way of lining those up would be ace.

I’m not altogether sure of my maths in all of this and have done it mostly by guesswork and feel but some of the bias settings mess up controlling envelopes in a predictable manner, will consult if I can…

Little update, the top left pad toggles between straight up down control of the tuning knobs for each op, if you tap it once, the log will show a 1 which means that the mangle mode is engaged, and the ops will alternately go up and down, malign richer more discordant sounds… tap again to see a 0 and the mode will be disengaged.

Little update that adds a label to the mangle pad…

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  • Revision: 1.04a
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5 comments on “Dixtructa Dixie / DX7 patch destroyer
  • Bellows on said:

    Thanks. I am having some fun with this patch. I understand additive and subtractive synths somewhat but FM is more of a mystery. I am using it in Audiobus.
    I think midi input control to the knobs could be fun.

  • Krupa on said:

    Cheers Bellows, I think you’re right, though I want to make it do more before getting into that… I think that it’s probably possible to map the knobs to something in the real world in AB or AUM…

  • Irena_Svetlovska on said:

    Hey, very interested to see how this develops, having fun with it as is, and it’s a great companion for tweaking presets created by the https://thisdx7cartdoesnotexist.com/ site. Definitely keen to see more random. (More Random is my More Cowbell.)

    One minor observation – is it just me or are the envelope knobs on the bottom row back to front in effect? Release for example gets shorter, not longer, as I move the knob clockwise from left to right, when ordinarily I would expect the opposite?

    Anyhoo, hoping this gets more updates. Thanks!

  • Krupa on said:

    Cheers Svetloska, great to know you’ve tried it and approve!

    It definitely helps to start with a good patch, those generated ones are ace, I’ve mostly been starting with a full sound such as a string or bell type thing…

    You’re right on the reversed envelopes settings; it’s how they are in the dx7 I think and definitely how they’re set up in Dixie – rate rather than time I think. I did think about reversing them but wasn’t sure as it wouldn’t be ‘canon’ in that world, though it’s not that hard to do I think 🤔 (famous last words 🤣)

    I’ve done the initial refactor thing with the for loops and that’s made things easier to shift and I’ve put the bias and random in the xy pad which freed up a couple of knobs. One’s already taken the op levels and I think the other I might put the detune controls on and then upload today at some point…

    Next steps might be a further refactor to just use functions, which might then make something like sequencing possible – though I might be stepping too far with that, maybe adapt another script to have a go…

    One thing that I’m stuck in and might need to seek expert help with is that I suspect that if I change the order in which I apply the increment changes to the ops, there should be even more potential sound space to explore but I’m not sure the best method to do that, some sort of array and a shuffle but not looked or thought deeply enough about it yet…

  • wetfood on said:

    hey, thanks for putting this thing together! I was attempting a much more crude version using cc randomizer to send a few parameters, but this is exactly what I was imagining! Great work!

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