Version for Disting EX with firmware 1.24

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With this new version of the Editor, you will be able to pilot up to sixteen Disting EX units!

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Setting on the disting EX:

1. (optional) Activate the “Midi Parameters” to display on the Disting EX the parameter you are manipulating from the editor, go up:

Menu/Settings/MIDI-I2C page 1/Show MIDI parameter/set 1

2. (optional) Activate option 3 in “send CCs” the parameters will also update in the editor, go up:

Menu/Settings/MIDI-I2C page 1/Send CCs/set 3 Both

3. (optional) Activate the soft thru, go up:

Menu/Settings/MIDI-I2C page 1/Soft thru/set 1 or 3

4. Attenuverter 1-6, from CC#1 to CC#6
From parameter 7 to 64, the CCs range from CC#7 to CC#64
(these change automatically by selecting “default first CC” and restarting the disting EX)

5. Set the “default first CC” to 7, go up:

Menu/Settings/MIDI-I2C page 1/Default first CC/set 7

6. Set “Algorithm Select CC” to 127, go up:

Menu/Settings/MIDI-I2C page 1/Algorithm Select CC/ set 127

7. RX/TX channel (single/dual L-R) = Custom

8. Device ID = RX/TX channel (single)

For set Device ID, go up:

Menu/Settings/MIDI-I2C page 2/SysEx Device ID

Good fun!

2 comments on “New_DistingEX_Editor_1.24_rev.6
  • mikehirsch on said:

    Thanks for all your work. Is there a 1.24 version coming soon?

  • hal9000mg on said:

    Here you are satisfied!😄

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