Disintegration loops

This is my Disintegration Loops inspired patch. It’s not actually made with the looper module but with the delay line as some of the functionality made more sense with a delay line module. You can of course control delay time, but I prefer to keep it at 16 seconds. There’s a ‘safety’ switch to cut off your input signal from the overdubs if you have a noisy guitar as the noise would keep being added.

You can the effect the signal and degrade it with a few different “modifiers”.

On the interface page you get your input.
In aqua, you get a control for how much stereo separation you want between the left and right channels.
On the far right, the blue value module (G-H on the grid) dictates your delay time

Then, you get to the effects.

First you get a randomized ‘signal drop’, where a random LFO. I like to keep the cuts sharp as in my experience, tape loops rarely taper off, they usually cut and glitch. There’s a slew limiter between the random module and it sounds pretty good though.
The cut “amount” is set by the aqua value module (O-P) below the delay time control. The slew of the cuts is set by the magenta module.

You also get a noise source that you can add on top of the signal, controlled by the white value module. (#2-3 on the grid)

There’s a warble modifier too. Mix is in magenta (E-F), depth is in red (M-N) and rate is green (U-V). The middle footswitch toggles between crossmodulation (mod signal A goes into signal B’s feedback and vice versa) or normal modulation.

Depending on the setup, normal modulation might be more prone to feedback. With my setup it works well now, but I had to jump through some hoops to tame it. The green pixel in the middle (#7) indicates cross-modulation (pixel on) or not (pixel off).

Lastly, there’s a filter control to tame off high end or produce feedback at desired frequencies. The mids value is mapped to the interface screen, with the aqua value module (-,1) linked to the boost/cut amount and the magenta (8,9) module linked to frequency.

The patch is fully stereo and can process independant signals (if crossmodulation is turned off).

The yellow value module is feedback. I usually keep it at 1 until something feeds too hard.

The left footswitch cuts the input signal to prevent noise accumulation

This seems a lot more complicated than it really is. It’s pretty easy to get very nice loops that feel very organic and evolving. I’ve had this patch run for about half an hour without it fading out or feeding back! So you can go ahead and do long form ambient compositions! <3

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  • send_bombs on said:

    Really like this concept/patch! Is there a way to hear your input as you perform? I find it hard to control the sound without hearing what I’ve just played for 16 seconds. Maybe that’s the intention though. I hope that makes sense. Thanks either way!

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