Disaster Recovery SR

A modulated delay and reverberation machine.
Based on the EQD Disaster Transport SR (obviously!)

I’ve always liked the Disaster Transport SR’s general idea: 2 delays in one pedal with the ability to run them in series, parallel, or a mix of both.
However, I never got one because of the substantial analog hiss and noise in the sound. It’s got character, which is good SOMETIMES.. but not always.
So here’s the Disaster Recovery SR: Similar delays, same routing, same knob layout, less hiss, longer delay times, and fully in stereo! Yay!


Stereo audio in goes 100% through to Dry stereo output.
Stereo audio in also goes to 2 VCAs (one per delay) that are enabled with Left and Right stomp switches respectively.
Delay A (top row controls) is a dark, dirty, modulated tape delay, Delay B (bottom controls) is a shorter, slightly cleaner delay with a reverb at the front.
They can be run in parallel or series, or a mix of both.
CPU load = around 100%. Built with Firmware V1.0

Contains all the main controls in RED (Delay A) and MAGENTA (Delay B) and pixels as knob indicators (so brightness indicates knob value levels) and stomp indicators (which delay is on).

Contains Delay A; the Modulated delay module, set to ‘dirty tape’ mode. Delay time ranges from about 60ms to 1200ms. Output goes to a mixer for Delay A “wet” level, and to a mixer for “bleed” level, which sends it to Delay B input (but bypasses the Reverb).

Contains Delay B; first a plate reverb (not sure if this is closest to the EQD one though!) going into another Modulated delay module, set to ‘clean tape’ mode. Delay time from around 60ms to 400ms. Output goes to a mixer for Delay B “wet” level.

Contains input/output, VCAs and Stomp switch modules for routing audio to the Delays, and output mixers.



DELAY A – Top row, in RED, from left-to-right:

TIME A (Delay time, ~60ms to 1200ms)
REPEATS A (Feedback, oscillates nastily at higher settings!)
MIX A (Wet signal %, dry is always present)
DEPTH (Modulation depth)
RATE (Modulation speed)
BLEED (Wet signal % from Delay A bleeding into Delay B, after the reverb!)

DELAY B – Bottom row, in MAGENTA, from left-to-right:

REVERB (Reverb level from 0 to 100%, slightly increases reverb time at higher settings too)
MIX B (Wet signal %, dry is always present)
REPEATS B (Feedback, oscillates at higher settings)
TIME B (Delay time, ~60ms to 500ms)

LEFT stomp = Activates Delay A.
RIGHT stomp = Activates Delay B.

For Parallel routing, turn on A and B, set BLEED to 0.
For Series routing, turn A on and B off, set BLEED to 100% (Delay B is still active, but receives no direct input, only from BLEED).
For a mix of both, turn on A and B, set MIX A, MIX B and BLEED to taste.
For only Delay A, don’t forget to turn BLEED off.

I’m not sure if the Reverb matches the original, so might need some tweaking.
Also thinking about assigning MIDDLE stomp to BLEED control, so you can more easily swap between routings.
The EXPRESSION pedal isn’t assigned yet either, might be nice to have as well.
Also there’s no LED speed for delay time indicators (like in the original, which only has a Modulation Rate LED), but that’s tricky since it’s built with the built-in effects modules).

Enjoy! And feel free to comment or suggest improvements!

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