Digitakt Que

Digitakt Que (DT QUE)
I wanted to que the Digitakt on time synced with AUM.
As the global transport runs as soon as you start playback in AUM (if one has configured to send/receive transport) you always have to manually mute/unmute tracks on time with the beat.

With this tool you can time the mute/unmute(s) of the Digitakt tracks on time with the clock that AUM send to the Digitakt. The transport itself is always running – that’s just how the DT works.
There are no possibilities to start/stop individual tracks. That’s why i wrote this script – as a little helper.

Global Transport: Starts/Stops the global transport for all external devices you connect the mozaic output to. I used this during development but i think most people wont ever use/need this button. I just did not want to remove it as i may add features to this script later on.

Track1-8: Mute/Unmute the selected track on the Digitakt.
For this to work correctly you can enter the MIDI-Ports you have configured in your Digitakt in the top area of the sourcecode. I ship this with the default ports which are identical to the track-numbers.

Channel: This one is for internal testing – it should make no difference if you turn it or not as the transport is channel independent and the Mute/Unmute signals are configured separately.

Knob 2: Here you can set the interval when the Transport or Mute/Unmute events happen. You can switch between Metropulse/Beat/BAR – default is BAR

The last 2 buttons are (yet) unused.

Possible plans:
– 1 Pad with Mute/Unmute all Tracks
– Make the timevalue larger than only 1 bar – for example 2 bars, 3 bars, etc.

Have fun and stay safe!

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