Desolate Drone

I pair the VCV drone with Native American style flute improvisations in the accompanying video.

Almost all the patch sound comes from one Vult Bleak VCO and Lateralus filter, both running polyphonically.

Bogaudio Reftones establish a Dm chord (D1, F2, A2) and Unison spreads each note to 4 voices each, with detune. The only other voice is the Reftone D1 sine output mixed in at a constant level.

Ochd LFOs, VCV LFO, and Tiny Tricks Simplex Noise, coupled with various mixers, logic, and sample & hold, are used to slowly modulate the following:
– Self modulation of the LFO rates
– Detune amount
– Bleak Pulse Width
– Bleak Waveform
– Filter cutoff
– Filter resonance
– The octave of the inner pair of voices for each note
– Volume of the F2 and A2 drones via VCA MIX
– Volume of the D1 inner 2 voices via uMAP and Polyoff16.

And of course there is lots of reverb from the Valhalla Supermassive plugin running through VCV Host-FX. It is using the “Planetarium” preset. Certainly Valley Plateau can be substituted for the Valhalla reverb.

Here is the module list for the patch (VCV V2)
Bogaudio: Bogaudio
– S&H
Grande: Grande
– PolyMergeResplit
Instruo: Instruo
– Ochd
JW-Modules: JW-Modules
– Add5
stoermelder: PackOne
– µMAP
Tiny Tricks: Tiny Tricks
– Arithmetic
– Simplex Noise LFO
– Audio 2
VCV: Fundamental
– Merge
– Mix
– Octave
– Scope
– Sum
– VCA Mix
– Host-FX
Vult: Vult Modules Free
– Bleak (Free)
– Lateralus (Free)

The Stoermelder uMAP is actually not available in the library at time of posting – it is a pre-release binary. Hopefully it will become available soon. But the patch will run fine without it. Just the volume of the D1 inner voices will be static without the uMAP.

Note – the selected license is for the patch, not the video performance with flute improvisation.

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