Desktop Mother

This allows you to play Organelle patches on your desktop/laptop. It provides sliders to simulate the knobs on the Organelle and allows you to play notes on your computer keyboard.

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  • Category: Utility
  • License: BSD
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  • Modified: 6 years ago
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2 comments on “Desktop Mother
  • PersianHugs on said:

    how do i load a patch into it like say super synth engine to play on the desktop mother patch?

  • six_wax on said:

    Is there a more recent version of this?

    Trying to load more recent C&G patches yields:

    .. couldn’t create
    /root/version: can’t open
    /root/version: read failed
    print: This Patch requires
    print: OS version 3
    print: or higher.
    print: Visit
    print: to update.

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