The Delayoctaver uses delay lines to achieve an octaver pitch shift effect, by manipulating the speed of the playback on the delay lines .  It has one audio inlet, and 5 out:  clean, 1 octave down, 2 octave down,  3 octave down and 5(?) octave down, each controlled separately through sliders.  You can also set the fade time on each fader, for better live mixing control.  All parameters can be controlled from inlets, and all values are also sent through outlets, for easier interconnectivity with other patches.


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  • Credit: Arnfinn Killingtveit
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  • Modified: 5 years ago
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2 comments on “Delayoctaver
  • Nicolas Couturier on said:

    Hi, I can’t seem to get any sound out of the patch.. Any ideas ?
    Many Thanks,

  • FinnKrisp on said:

    The patch does not produce any sound by itself, you have to send something into it(top grey inlet), and connect it to a dac~(bottom grey outlet), to get any sounds from it.

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