A time-warped delay with incrementally timed repeats – speeding up or slowing down per repeat.

This effect is currently mono and utilizes left input and output.

DELAY CONTROLS (first page)

Initial Delay Time (blue): sets the delay time of the first repeat (up to 6 seconds)

Delay Time Factor (purple): determines how much the consecutive repeats speed up (values below .5) or slow down (values above .5). This control is very sensitive, especially on lower Initial Delay Time settings. Hold down the encoder while turning for fine adjustments.

Delay Volume (red): sets the volume level of the first repeat (ranging from completely off to a little over +3dB gain)

Feedback (magenta): sets the volume level change per consecutive repeat (ranging from completely off to a little over +3dB gain relative to the previous repeat)

TONE CONTROLS (also first page)
The tone of the repeats is set by applying a low (orange buttons) and high (mango buttons) shelf filter per repeat.

Please note this patch utilizes linear delay lines, so will probably not work right on older firmware (pre 2.0).

CAUTION: please be careful with setting volume, feedback and tone settings all to high values, as this will cause rapid increases in volume.

The maximum amount of repeats is limited to eleven at the moment by the processing power capacity of Zoia. This patch might be optimized further in the future (any ideas on this are very welcome!).

I hope you enjoy and would appreciate any feedback.

1.1 – Whoopsy! Something went wrong with saving and I uploaded a wrong version that was overloading the CPU. Sorry about that! Fixed it and slightly changed the visuals while I was at it.

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