Dancing Echoes

An echo that only plays when a specific note is played.

Specify the note using the option on the first page. Alternatively if ‘use seq’ is 1 the note will be specified by a the current sequencer step. The steps are quantized by the quantizer on the first page. Use the left footswitch to step through the scale specified by the quantizer.

— 1.1 Update —
Added a random note button to control page. When pressed a new note is picked from the scale specified by the quantizer at random. A new random note is selected on each onset.
When active overrides the ‘use seq’ option

Built on the Note Detector patch.

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  • Revision: 1.1
  • License: MIT License
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2 comments on “Dancing Echoes
  • Paul_C on said:

    Could you randomise it ?

    It might be fun to have something happen unexpectedly :O)

  • personalnadir on said:

    Nice idea. Have added a random note option. When pressed it generates a new note triggered by an onset detector

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