Dancing Drums

My contribution to the Very Cool Patch Challenge 29. This time we had to use a drum module with an odd beat and/or polyrhythm. My first thought was, well let’s use every drum module you have. But that was too much for my pc, maybe I try it again in Rack 1.0. Now I have the 3 Gate Seq with a pattern length of 31 as main rhythm source driving the drum kit. BD and Snare are with -60 swing and the hats with -30. But the whole thing starts with a Cabasa driven with an 7/8 beat, like in samba and Claves playing at 2/3/7/9 and Woodblock driven by the Turing Machine for something random. The 2 sets of Congas play on a straight beat driven by Meadowphysics from Monome. This one gets a -30 swing, that gives it that human touch. The Deep Drum is also driven by the Turing Machine but on aother gate. The Timbales play again in 7/8 beat. And there is that kind of fretless bass, a collaboration between the Turing Machine, LFN, Basal and Trummor2 for the melodic part and 2 different gates from the Turing Machine for the rhythmic part. Different combinations of all this parts create different polyrhythms with different beats. And that makes the little guys dance. They are made with the 3 HP blank module from Vult, with output VCV, merged with the audio signal and put in the Full Scope, but not in Lissajous mode. There are a lot of sweet spots one can find with the speed knob, it’s a little tricky to get what you want. Anyway, enjoy!

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