Polyphonic step-sequencer module for Orac 2.0 (Organelle), based on Polystep, inspired by Endless (OP-1), on a single page with minimalist graphics and different controls :

knob1 : recording notes velocity / playing notes velocity-reducer
knob2 : playing notes length
knob3 : playing notes harmonics
knob4 : random mode
encoder : sequence speed
keys : record notes / transpose the playing sequence
aux : press to play/stop (green led), hold 0.5sec to record at the end of the current sequence (red led), hold 1sec to record a new one (white led), you can record while the sequence is running (but i’m still working on the aux button)
footswitch : reverse mode

v1.5 : encoder bugfixes, sequence speed (encoder) now saved with presets, compatibility with the Transport module

v1.4 : UI bugfixes, slot name added in a corner, controls mapping changed, minor improvements

v1.3 : UI bugfix and code optimisation

v1.2 : sequence speed bugfix (was failing when turning the knob quickly), added support for footswitch pedals (for random mode), parameters modulation (via LFO module) now makes the graphics move in realtime, code optimisation, …

v1.1 : knob1 now also reduce the playing notes velocity (turn the knob at max after recording for playing at the recorded level), knob3 transposes now in harmonics instead of octaves, knob2 max length reduced to 1sec.

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  • Category: Sequencer
  • Revision: 1.5
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
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2 comments on “Cycles
  • benoit sauvage on said:

    HI Ben,

    It’s great ! Thank you so much ! I have a question. Is it possible to insert silence ? With the op1 you can jump one step. Can we do it also with Cycles ?
    Thanks again ! Ben (also)

  • Ben Blash on said:

    Hi Ben! :) sorry for the late reply… i think it’s only possible by entering silent notes (turn velocity to zero before entering a note) as a workaround. Merci beaucoup! ✌️

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