Cries From The Deep

Cries From The Deep

A flute improvisation backed by a VCV patch based on my Subharmonicon version 5 emulator, this one using the Befaco Even VCO. The patch makes an excellent peaceful ambient back drop – evoking a vast ocean world.

Note – this patch uses a bugged version 5 of my emulator. It does not impact this patch, but if you want to create your own patches with the emulator, then be sure to get version 5.1

The patch mostly consists of setting various knobs and buttons within the emulator. The unison feature has a significant impact on the end result of this patch. The cries that seem to be controlled by an LFO are actually the result of the slightly detuned unison FM voices slowly moving in and out of phase with each other. The rate of pitch change can be controlled by adjusting the amount of unison detune.

There is minimal patching in the patch bay:

VCO1 CV -> Filter cutoff
Sub 1A output -> FM 1
Sub 2A output -> FM 2
constant 0V -> Sub 1A FM and Sub 2A FM to break normaled signal from FM 1 and FM 2

Final Audio Inserts use Vult Decline for a bit of EQ, mostly to tame some bass, and Host FX for some spacious ambient reverb.

The rest of the external module addons are simply to start/stop, and time the performance, fade the lights, and provide some abstract visualization.

Press the Count Modula FADE START/STOP button to start and stop the patch, and also fade the lights off to start, and on to end.
If you want to play the patch with the lights on, then simply press the emulator’s clock start button.

Base emulator required plugins:

Befaco (Only needed for Befaco version of emulator)
Count Modula
DHE Modules
docB dbRackFormulaOne
Stoermelder PackOne
ML Modules
VCV Core
VCV Fundamental
Vult Modules Free

The additional modules external to the emulator require the following:

DanT Modules
VCV Host (Premium)

The Host FX module uses the free Valhalla SuperMassive VST plugin, with the Planetarium preset ( SFX -> Nebulae -> Planetarium), and the Mix set at 87.6%.

2 comments on “Cries From The Deep
  • Massi on said:

    This is super!

  • DaveVenom on said:

    Thanks Massi – If you want to create your own patches with the emulator, make sure you get the updated v5.1 – link in the updated description. It has some important bug fixes. Also, please let me know if you create anything interesting with the emulator. I am really curious what others are doing (if anything) with the emulator.

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