Creating a Hybrid AD EG / VCA from the VCV WT LFO

In the accompanying video I demonstrate how to patch the VCV Fundamental WT LFO (Wave Table Low Frequency Oscillator) to be triggered as a one shot, so it can function as an Attack Decay Envelope Generator, or a hybrid AD EG / Voltage Controlled Amplifier (and wave shaper!).

The AD EG / VCA is really interesting because it preserves much of the character of the incoming audio, yet also imparts its own dynamic wave shaping, giving the resulting sound a lot of motion.

This is the first patch I am releasing for my VCV version 2 Fundamental Constructs collection. VCV 2 includes a number of modules that were not available in version 1, and it greatly expands the possibilities of what can be built using only Fundamental modules.

Included in the zip file is Envelope.wav needed for the functionality. It is a copy (renamed) of a saw to triangle to ramp wavetable created and shared by Jens Pieter Nielson at

The zip also includes a pair of VCV selections, each with its own accompanying demo patch.

selection 1) AD Envelope Generator from WT LFO.vcvs
demo 1) AD Envelope Generator from WT LFO demo.vcv

selection 2) Hybrid AD EG – VCA from WT LFO.vcvs
demo 2) Hybrid AD EG – VCA from WT LFO demo.vcv

You could design your own wave table to be used with this technique. Any profile will do as long as it starts and ends at 0V, and does not approach 0 anywhere in the middle.

Lastly, I performed a beautiful waltz with a patch featuring this technique to accompany a Native American flute improvisation. That video is at I also created a Patch Storage post with that patch at

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